What is the most requested cosmetic surgery for women?

Breasts are the most exposed part of the body to aesthetic surgery. This is due both to the access of patients to specialist information, as well as to the profiling of specialists in recent years on aesthetic breast surgery.

Surgical techniques have improved significantly in breast augmentation or breast augmentation interventions. As a frequency, the “rankings” of interventions for women are followed by demands for facial surgery such as facial lifting or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

There are also treatments that are not only surgical, but they also combine with modern skin care techniques, including dermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical treatments, botulinum toxin injections, or fill-up fatty defects with fat or other resorbable substances.

What is the most requested cosmetic surgery for men?

For men, the most common surgery is liposuction, that is, removing excess fat located in some areas of the body, for example, in the abdomen or waist. Other more frequent requests are for rhinoplasty (nose correction surgery) and for varicose veins.

How hard is the breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is not a very difficult operation. The difficulty felt by the patient on a scale of 0-10, the number seven is somewhere right.

They are patients more sensitive, who feel a stronger sense of tension in the tissues, and describe it as a pain. However, within the first three days of surgery, these pains fail.

Breast augmentation surgery is a medium difficulty surgery in aesthetic surgery when the best conditions are met, both in terms of the patient’s health status and in terms of clinic and professionalism of the anesthetic-surgical team.

Breast augmentation with silicone implants is a type of surgical intervention that results in greater bust size or lifting and remodeling of the breasts but when it comes to surgery, it is always necessary to properly evaluate its risks and benefits.

The implants can be inserted under or above the pectoral muscle, and for each of the positions there are certain situations that indicate the type of implant placement; you will discuss these details with your surgeon.

Choosing the size of the implants is advisable to be made from the measurements of the chest and breasts.

Observing these measurements guarantee a more aesthetic and stable outcome over time.

Sometimes, usually at the request of patients who want the largest breasts, deviations from those measurements may be considered; here comes the experience of the plastic surgeon who decides how much he can overcome these dimensions without compromising the safety of the result.

In order to get a clearer idea about the result you get, you can make a simulation by placing in a bustier silicone cups of a size identical to the dimensions of the chosen implants.

Another thing you establish with your plastic surgeon is the incision location that will insert implants.

There are 2 different incisions used to place the silicone implants: incised grooves under the breasts and areola incision at the edge.

The location of the incision depends on several factors including anatomy of each patient, implant size, surgeon preference, etc.

Both types of incisions heal excellent if sutured with appropriate technique and scarring will be almost imperceptible.

The most commonly used breast implants worldwide are implants containing silicone gel.

Depending on the gel characteristics, the implants may have a softer or denser consistency and may have a round or anatomical shape (flattened in the upper breast area and with a larger projection in the lower half of the breast).

These implant variables come to the aid of the plastic surgeon so that they can choose for each patient the implant with the best dimensions and characteristics for the desired aesthetic result.

Regularly implanted manufacturers provide lifetime guarantee for mammary implants, and in case of accidental breakage, they will change them for free.

But beware: they will not cover the expenses necessary to carry out the operation.

Usually, breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants is performed under general anesthesia and requires hospitalization one night.

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