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Breast enlargement is done for:

  • Breast that are little;
  • Restore the form of breast after deliver a baby, after losing weight , or after breastfeeding;
  • Breast reconstruction after a breast cancer mastectomy surgery.

What you need to know about breast augmentation

Introducing and placing the implant

The implant is put into a fob created behind the breast, with sizes appropriate to each type of implant.

There are two options for implant placement:

Submuscular placement is done below the pectoral muscle. Recovery may take longer and more pain may occur after surgery.

The submammary or subglandular placement is over the pectoral muscle. In this case, recovery is faster and easier. This type of implant positioning can only be done in cases where the existing mammary gland and fatty tissue covering it are thick enough to allow good implant coverage. Usually, for skinny women, this does not happen so in most cases it is chosen the submuscular positioning of the implants.

Closing incisions

The surgeon closes the stapled incisions using usually resorbable threads. At first, over the next few months, incision lines will be visible, but they will disappear over time. Even if healing of the incisions occurs within about 2 weeks, scarring of the scar tissue (maximum aesthetic appearance) occurs approximately one year postoperatively.

Evaluation of results

The aesthetic result will be visible immediately, but at first, there will be a degree of edema (swelling), bruising (bruising) and breasts will be in tension.

In the following weeks the tissues will relax, edema and bruising disappear and implants will stabilize their position. The evaluation of the result should not be made earlier than 2 months after surgery (in some cases up to 6 months).

Recovery after breast augmentation

After surgery, you will receive antibiotic treatment for infection prophylaxis and you will be given pain medication.

In the first 2-3 days the pains are slightly higher and require using analgesic, then, as the tissues become debilitating, the pain decreases. In most cases, pain relieves from common analgesics (ibuprofen), and treatment is not necessary for more than one week after surgery.

To do this, you need at least one week of vacation then you can go back to work if it does not involve physical effort with your arms. It may take several weeks until full recovery after breast augmentation with breast implants.

During this interval, you will have to wear a compressible bustier that will help keep the implants in the right position, will limit the appearance of edema and facilitate healing.

You will need to avoid weight gain or intense exercise for at least 2 months and keep your scars protected from the sun for about a year because of the risk of pigmentation.



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