Breast Massage

Although we take care of our body so much, we often do not pay enough attention to breasts, although we should. Breast massage is an excellent way to improve blood circulation because it leads to a firmer skin and even a gentle enlargement. That is why it is important to massage our breasts. Breast massage techniques are the ritual beauty!

Breast massage is indicated not only for enlargement, but also for alleviating the various symptoms that all women face: tenderness, swelling, premenstrual pain, nodules, discomfort in breastfeeding, etc.

Here are some beneficial effects that breast massage can have:

  • Relieves the discomfort associated with menstruation;
  • Reduces the number of cysts and nodules;
  • Balances hormone levels;
  • Helps breast augmentation and tonifies;
  • Reduces lymphatic congestion;
  • Increases the firmness of the skin and rejuvenates it;
  • Relaxes in depth and helps eliminate tension in the body;
  • Helping to familiarize with your own body
  • Stimulates healing.


Breast tissue has specific needs because it is closely related to the lymphatic system, whose proper functioning depends a lot on the circulation. Lifestyle, stress, too tight bras, incorrect posture, and genetic factors are factors that can lead to breast disorders. Read more about Naturaful here:

The main effect of massage is increased blood circulation, which also fluidizes lymph fluid from the breasts. At the same time, breast massage increases oxygenation of the tissue and cleanses it from impurities. Everywhere on the internet is recommended to use a moisturizing massage oil or a cream that will transform the ritual into a real treat. Besides massage, for an optimum result, they recommend doing a breast sports routine that will tone our muscles and make our bust firmer.

Breast massage can be great to prevent or relieve unpleasant symptoms, but that does not mean we have to neglect regular medical checkups.


How to do breast massage

Breast massage is more effective if we start with neighboring areas. We have to start by massaging the area under the ears, using both hands, and descending to the clavicle to stimulate circulation. We have to do this about 5 minutes, then we have to follow these steps:


  1. We have to massage the area where the lymphatic system joins the circulatory system in the space above the clavicle with the fingers we massage the line of the clavicle from the outside towards the center of the neck. Then repeat this movement 15 times.
  2. Raise the left arm above your head and, using your right hand, gently presses the skin from the substrate, making circular movements clockwise. Then repeat the movement 15 times.
  3. Massage your left breast with gentleness, holding a hand over it and moving it to the underarm and one under the breast, moving it in the opposite direction, then making the reverse movement and repeating this massage 15 times.
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 for the right and repeat step 1 when you finish the massage completely.


There is also the simple way to massage the breast through rotating movements, from the inside to the outside. To feel the effects and increase the volume of your breasts, we have to do if we can regularly massage every day.

Do not forget to use oil or lotion to hydrate the skin!

Breast massage is an excellent way to keep your breasts healthy and healthy, so you always look 20 years old!


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