What Shape Breasts Do Guys Like

In the past, in Spain, people developed a culture if we can tell it, namely the divination, which involved the discovery of a woman’s personality by analyzing the shape of her breasts.

There is the possibility that the divination’s discovery will be made by men, and this would lead us to women thinking that this divination would be but a great excuse to analyze our breasts without being censored.

But still they are people who believe in divination, I think through the shape of the breasts they can learn more about the character of the woman.

Tell me the shape of your breasts to tell you who you are

Even if divination seems more superstitious, let’s see what types of breasts exist and what is said about women who have these formsHere’s how the shape and size of the breasts can affect your personality:

If we have small, firm and round breasts: these women who hold this type of breasts are very beautiful and are said to be smart women but do not want to invest in a career and are more focused on setting up a family.

If we have big and round breasts: these women who hold this type of breasts are having problems achieving orgasms, they are very sexually open and always want to try new things.

If we have breasts in shaped of Pears: these women who hold this type of breasts are dominant in relationships and they are very independent and a healthy sexual appetite, and are very good at bed.

If we have Triangular breasts: These girls are said to be very open minds to seduce any man if they propose. Sometimes, they seem to do everything without making a considerable effort and receive what they want very fast.

If we have Tubular breasts: This type of women loves to dominate in a relationship and enjoy every moment of life. This type of breasts is not seen very often, the woman holding this type of breasts will leave a deep fingerprint on the person she conquers.

If we have breasts with high nipples: This type of breasts describe women who are very strong, creative in bed and have open spirits that attract all the people around. Generally, they are a very gentle woman.

If we have breasts with small nipples: there are not many women who have this type of breasts but these women are called to be very intelligent and hard-cheated women in a relationship.

They analyze very much, engage much harder and do not leave their partner unsatisfied, are very open to fulfilling the proposed fantasies.

The shape of the breasts may indicate certain personality traits of a woman. We are sure that men not only agree with this theory but feel and be forced to test it in as many cases!

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