Breast Augmentation Methods That Works

We all want to have a generous bust, but not all of us have been endowed from Mother -Nature. If you do not want to use the scalpel, there are some ways to enlarge your breasts.

According to, the breasts represent the part of the body that women are most unhappy, which is why, once their artificial growth has become possible, women have been exposed to all risks only for larger forms.

If you are afraid of surgery or you do not want to risk an eventual complication in silicone breast augmentation, you can have a dream bust in other ways.

Here are some simple ways:

  1. Papaya drink

  2. Studies have shown that there is a natural way that you can naturally grow your breasts through a drink based on papaya juice and milk. The nutrients and vitamins in this drink stimulate breast enlargement. It is important to drink a glass of this drink daily. Equally effective is papaya pulp if you eat one fruit per day.

  3. Exercises

  4. There are some types of exercises you can do to stimulate breast augmentation. The pectoral muscle is like any other muscle and can be developed through sustained exercises. So, join a gym and find out which are the most recommended exercises.

  5. Proteins

  6. Consuming high protein foods is another way to naturally grow breasts. Enter in your daily menu egg, milk, peanut butter, fish, chicken and as many nuts and seeds. Cancel instead to sodas, sugar, semi-processed foods and eating fast food. Obviously, the main factor in breast growth is a healthy meal. If your body produces more male than female hormones, there are poor chances for breast growth.
    Drink 2 liters of water a day and the changes will appear.

  7. Massage

  8. Massage is one of the simple methods of breast augmentation, which you can apply every night, even in your home. Research has shown that massage improves blood circulation in the chest area and so breasts can increase.
    The simplest and best-known way to grow your breasts is to massage them. You can apply a cream to encourage the growth of fat cells. Massage is simple: rub your hands until you feel them warm and then start massage carefully from top to bottom to strengthen and lift your breasts. Do this exercise twice a day for 30 days.

  9. Supplements with estrogen

These are found especially in contraceptive pills. Estrogen is one of the hormones that helps natural breast enlargement. However, too much estrogen in the body is dangerous because it can unbalance the entire hormonal system and, implicitly, affect the functioning of the body. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a specialist before attempting this method.


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