Non-Surgical Methods To Increase The Breast Size

As with any medical problem, there is a time when people tend to resort to natural methods of solving breast size problem, eliminating the possibility of using foreign objects (implants) and chemicals.

Breast augmentation naturally actually means breast tissue growth, especially through hormonal treatments or hormone stimulation and soft tissue growth techniques, as well as muscle tissue strengthening.

Results require time and patience on the part of the user, because hormonal stimulation or muscular stimulation are natural processes that progress gradually and require persistence and strict adherence to some application instructions.

The Non-Surgical Methods are:

  1. Pills for breast growth
  2. The “natural” nature of these pills is often questioned by consumers. Pills may contain different substances that may cause side effects. But there are also 100 % natural herbal blends in the marketplace, which cause a hormonal change in our body, a reaction similar to that of puberty due to plants that provide the amount of estrogen required by the body.
    These pills have no hormones but only plants that stimulate estrogen production.

  3. Breast enhancement creams
  4. These creams have in their composition essential herbal plants and oils, natural ingredients that help the soft tissue of the breasts. These creams do not contain hormones, they are moisturizing, emollient and offer a firm and smooth look to your breasts.

    Creams are applied with massage, slow massage applied to the breast helps the cream to penetrate into the skin, vascularize the cells and to provide nutrient to the breast tissue.

    These creams, due to their composition, improve blood circulation, helps increase the level of estrogen in our body, reduce fatigue and lead to firmer and better proportions of the breasts.


  5. Nutrition: diet with phytoestrogens and antioxidants
  6. Healthy eating can cause breast enlargement. Foods containing phytoestrogens lead to breast enlargement without affecting their firmness. These foods are black olives, virgin olive oil, soybean, wheat germ, wheat germ oil, dill seed, celery leaves, walnut, uncooked hazelnuts, flower seeds the unspoiled sun.

    Foods that are containing antioxidants prevent the appearance of breast cancer, these are fish, uncooked walnuts, fruits and vegetables, dill and grains.

    For a visible effect, these foods should be consumed regularly for at least 6 months.

  7. Hormone Stimulating Plants
  8. These plants can be found in the natural pharmacies: dairy seeds, sweet root, fluorescent basil, pineapple seeds (for consumption, grind and swallowed with water), fennel, sweet cumin and palm extract.

    These products can be used for breast augmentation, they are recognized as phytoestrogens, which have the same composition and function as estrogen.

    All of these listed plants can be consumed as such or as pastilles, lotions, creams.


  9. Yoga Exercises
  10. Yoga contains a series of exercises designed to relax both the body and the mind creating a well-being, this well-being improves the hormonal activity, and along with exercises to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, a bigger appearance of the bust will be achieved.

  11. Electrostimulation
  12. Transcutaneous electrostimulation leads to an increase in muscle mass and activates blood circulation locally.


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