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Regardless of size and shape, breasts have been and will always be a reason for pride or frustration for women, and a constant interest for hard sex representatives. And because the plastic surgery industry is becoming more flourishing and more women are aspiring to the ideal breast shape, the researchers wanted to find out what perfect breasts look like from the perspective of both sexes.

Find out how breasts look perfect in the eyes of women and men!

Perfect breast formula

British researchers have made a study where they find out how perfect breasts look better taking into account the opinions of both sexes.

They questioned 1,315 people, they had to look at breast pictures and pick the proportions they liked the most. Following the research, a percentage winning ratio was obtained: 45:55, that is, 45% breast tissue above the nipple and more with 10% below it. It looks like this is the natural shape and, surprisingly or not, it is the most attractive for people.

In past years, plastic surgeons used round, unnatural implants, you do remember the girls from Baywatch, many women have the sigh of such “features”. This type of implants is not that used any more now. Even though there are men who love big breasts and sometimes even vulgar, the general tendency is to appreciate naturalness.

How does a perfect breast look like?

Breast augmentation is definitely the biggest invention in plastic surgery. Although rhinoplasty surgery is less obvious and wrinkle correction is also a rather subtle intervention, breast augmentation will have visible results. In fact, the more visible they are, the better.

In women’s opinions.

Demand for silicones has increased since 2002 to 275%. Most women want bigger breasts and are willing to do anything for this.

But what are the men’s opinions about artificial breasts?

A recent poll conducted by UK magazine Heat shows that 89% of respondents prefer a pair of smaller breasts, but natural, rather than large breasts and artificial.

Additionally, before giving a navy to the doors of plastic surgeries, women still need to know that 87% of males do not necessarily run after big breasts but prefer the size in perfect harmony with the rest of the body.

So they can be small. And this is not all! The men who thought in the magazine recalled how perfect breasts should be shown fascinated by the texture, symmetry, shape, and sensation of touching natural breasts.

Before you look into the mirror remember that this breasts when they are natural, they are even sexier. So leave like that do not complex yourself and enjoy how nature has endowed you, for self-safety is the most appealing accessory!

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