The Secret of Perfect Breasts At Any Age

We women love to put our breasts in value, because of the generation we are now part of, we now have ways to transform our breasts as we wish.

The secret of perfect breasts means combining exercise with massage and a proper diet and body care. Whether we want our breasts to be more voluptuous or just firmer, let’s see what is the way to perfect breasts!

First Step: Exercises!

Exercise is the first step towards an enviable tone and a proper body care. Get the firmness of your breasts following our exercises.

For the first exercises must stand up. Put your palms as if you were praying but lifting your elbows to your shoulders. Press the palm of your hands as hard as you want to crush a tomato together. For excellent results try to make 3 series of 20 repetitions.

For the second exercise, you need two 1 kg dumbbells and a towel. If you do not, you can use two water cans and a thicker towel. What you have to do is stretch your back with your knees bent and your arms stretched above your head. Take the dumbbells in your hands and then raise your arms to the shoulders. Try 3 series of 15 reps.

Step Two: Massage!

With the help of your massage, your breasts will become firmer, more beautiful and the skin will also get a healthy and glossy look.

There are a number of ways you can massage your breasts. We will show you two of them:

  • Stay lying on the bed without a pillow. Using both hands, pull one of the breasts in the palm of your hand and move it from bottom to top and center, alternating your hands.
  • For the second exercise, you need to sit down. With a palm, you hold the base of your breast and the second one gently massage your breast inward, starting from your arm.

Each of these massages lasts two minutes, one minute for each breast and is done 3 times a week. After about a month, you should see the first changes.

For fantastic results, here are two tips that, combined with massage, will help you get perfect breasts:

For massage use a special cream for breasts, breast augmentation cream or firmness.

And in order for the substances in the cream to act more efficiently, it is recommended to make a peeling before the massage. You can get a natural peel massaging your breasts with a mixture of brown sugar, honey, and olive oil.

Step Three: Specific Products

How can you get bigger and more toned breasts?
Lately, the range of breast care products has been greatly diversified due to the woman’s need to achieve perfection without resorting to the services of a surgeon. Among the most popular are:

  1. Dill tincture is the most popular breast-growth product.
    Due to the higher phytoestrogen content, breasts can become more voluptuous and stronger.
  2. Administration: 1 teaspoon dill tincture per 100 ml. water, three times a day, 15 minutes before meals.
  3. Breast Actives, both capsules, and cream.
    Which shapes, moisturizes, revitalizes, improves tissue resistance and gives toughness and firmness to the breasts.

Each product should be used daily as indicated on the packaging.

For our skin to stay elastic, try alternating hot and cold showers and avoid high weight oscillations. To highlight your beautiful breasts, wearing molded dresses in the bust area and matching your outfits to sleek envelopes.

How to care for our breasts in certain situations, well:

  • If we wear deep cleats and outside is a strong sun, we need to apply a product with a high protection factor (SPF) of at least 30;
  • If we do sport we need to use a bustier with reinforcement, and if we have big breasts we need to know that jogging, tennis, and riding should be avoided; To help our breasts look good we must practice sports that train our back muscles and pectorals (handball, swimming, fitness);
  • The bra is very important for our breasts, so we do not have to buy any bra without trying it. We should also know that during pregnancy bra should be changed every 1-2 months to give lightness and sustain breasts that are under development;
  • Every month we have to check our breasts in the first days after the menstrual period, and at 2-3 years, a mammary ultrasound; to 40, we can do the first mammogram.

After the age of 40 years, our breasts need special care!!!

  • We have to wear a bra every day (to help support tissues that are no longer as the tonic as in the “first youth”) and it is recommended to use bras with longer braces and full cups to support the breasts well;
  • When we go to sleep, we need to use a small pillow to position between breasts to avoid wrinkling and deepening the fold between the breasts;
  • It is indicated to use hyaluronic acid creams because it tones the breast tissue;
  • It is good for your breasts to be controlled by a doctor every year;
  • It is advisable to do mammography every two years, and after 45 years, even annually;
  • Anti-wrinkle creams should not be missed, or SPF 30 protective lotion, which should be used every day;
  • The folds under the breasts are liable to mycoses (always wet, without airing), so it requires special care: daily washing, keeping the environment as dry as possible and we recommend using an antimycotic ointment;
  • Self-examination monthly, the visit to the doctor twice a year and annual mammograms are the best way to detect in time any appearance of tumors;
  • A healthy diet (less preserved foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables) associated with regular exercise (even simple daily walking) is beneficial to breasts and the overall health of the body.

When we take care of the skin of our body, let’s not forget to take care of the skin of our breasts.

“Breasts need a lot more attention and their care must be a daily routine, integrated into our lifestyle from an early age,” explains Diana Marandiuc, Trainer Natures Romania.

  • At least once a week. The breasts need movement, and the best way is self-massage. These are simple gestures that stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation in the breasts. A delicate exfoliant applied to the breast area will cause the skin to breathe and improve the blood circulation in this area.
  • Apply daily a moisturizing cream or one for the firmness of the bust/breast augmentation (if desired). Benefits will appear quickly!
  • Bust cream should contain special ingredients to ensure firmness and compaction of collagen cells, as well as moisturizing the skin.
  • Massaging breasts in the shower is a must. The movements must be circular in both senses.
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