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Reviews from Yahoo are almost absent, lacking, but Google added in his suggest field this term: “total curve reviews yahoo”. Read full review here: I don’t know the reason for that – I’m not an SEO expert, and and I do not want to develop this topic too much. The only records I’ve found in yahoo answers are these:

Hi – whilst I remain extremely skeptical about this kind of product, the active ingredient of this product is ‘Volufiline’, a plant extract that has been clinically tested and proven to increase lipid (fat) retention in areas it is applied to. However, it can only offer a max 8% increase in breast size. This product can also be applied to other areas of the body, such as the facial cheeks and the buttocks.

If you ARE going to go down this particular route, save yourself some money and source the cheapest outlet for ‘Volufiline’, rather than going for the Total Curve option.

The results of using this kind of herbal product are not permanent; you need to use the creme twice a day in most cases, and that will be every single day, forever.

Good luck.

What can I say? I can only say that the commentary is subjective because:

  • Total Curve doesn’t mean or is not synonymous with Volufiline only;
  • Total Curve is a complex system consisting of two components (Gel and Supplement);
  • Both components, Firming Gel and Total Curve Supplement contain many other ingredients in turn;
  • The Volufiline ingredient is present in the Total Curve cream but does not act alone. Here we find many other ingredients (see full list), which, together with Volufiline and the Supplement, form a unitary one that helps to increase and tonify breasts.


Few Amazon reviews below:

I took the pill and put the cream as recommended. The only time I felt something was on day 1. And thats because I massaged to much. If you want bigger breast, get implanta because things like this just give false hope. – By Shyanneo

A popular alternative to surgery that may be intermittently and inconsistently effective for some, but as was the case with me, if you are fortunate to experience growth, it soon not only becomes stagnant but reverses completely despite regular and consecutive months of use. Unless you’re seeking a POSSIBLE boost for a particular event, or you’re a Jenner seeking a front for thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery, I’d leave this one alone. – By Edd123

I was skeptical but hopeful when I bought this – I had lost some fullness in my bust when I lost some weight, and was hoping to regain it without surgery. I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. Ok, this stuff actually works. I am surprised, but really happy! I’ve gained firmness and weight – I will most definitely be using this more! – By Sabella Dziabczenkoo

i have been taking total curve for 2 weeks now.. they tingle a lot and they feel heavier and a bit sore.. i will try for a month and see what kin of results i have in the next two weeks.. if there is nothing i’m trying out something different and cheaper… creams. – By MsLady


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