Breasts Losing Shape

All women have asked themselves at least once the questions:why breast losing shape

  • Why do breasts lose their shape?
  • Should I wear a bra or not?
  • If I do sports I have firmer breasts?
  • What should I do to prevent this to happen?

Will My Breasts Change Shape?

The skin and, implicitly, the breasts that are sunken on the skin is left off by gravity. In the meantime, the skin crumbles, in some cases earlier in others later. All these aspects are conditioned by the quality of the skin, some women have more skin resistance than others, by genetic information and also by breast size, because the heavier they are, the faster they are attracted by the gravity and they lose their shape easier.

Do Breasts Change Shape When Pregnant

And last but not least pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain or enlargement with implant/fat injection, which due to the increase in volume causes the same result, breasts lose their shape.

“It is a false myth that breasts are supported by ligaments and that their shape is not conditioned by the quality of the skin. In fact, these ligaments are far too weak, we might say rudimentary – that is, they have no supportive value. “, explained surgeons.

“Many women do not wear a bra because there is a myth that if you wear your bra, the skin that supports your breasts gets weaker. Nothing faker than that. The bra should be worn because it supports, that is, antigravity. “, added the surgeon.

Even in the night, a form of breast contention is indicated, of course, a lighter one. During the day when we stand, our breasts tend to drop to the navel and the night to the side. The bra for women with bulky breasts should be holy and worn for walks, in the house, at shopping, and even at the gym.

Even those with smaller and perfect breasts are not exempt from wearing the bra, but observing the “rules” is not so strict. But a task can also compromise them when they grow much and in a relatively short time.

Obviously, even when breasts have been augmented by surgical methods, they need to be as complete and correct as possible.

Another false myth is that silicone raises the breasts that lost their shape. I can tell you that this is NOT happening, this is false!

If we talk about a small or very small breast, the situation changes the following way: by filling the skin around the breast, it gets a pleasant and uniform look, but with careful attention, it can easily be seen that the breasts are easily left.

Once the skin’s fibrous fiber has broken off, it does not recover anywhere in the world yet, and therefore requires an excision of excess skin hanging under the areola – this operation leave scars, you can ask any esthetician surgeon about this and they will tell you that this is true.

How can we prevent breasts from “falling”?

To prevent breasts from losing their form, we must first wear a bra almost all the time, because gravity is permanent and we need to fight it as much as possible. Wire bras are not recommended because they crush the breast, it is recommended without, but also when worn, it should support the breasts as well.

Another way of preventing it is to maintain a constant body weight throughout your life and weight gain in a balanced way in pregnancy, of course under the guidance of your doctor.

Avoiding exposure to sunlight or UV light is one of the best ways to maintain skin tone. As we all know, breasts are skin attachments, so once exposed to excessive sunlight they will dry out, “in other words they will atrophy, thin and start to hang” and not to forget that exposure to sun and UV skin increases the risk of cancer.

“The aging of breasts and skin due to the sun is not progressive but rather sudden”. For years it can look good and sudden, sometimes after pregnancy, sometimes after slimming, sometimes suddenly, the breasts (skin) are getting worse and it’s too late.

Many women go to solar, for example, and do not realize that later this can have serious repercussions. All of this explains “why we are the first in Europe to breast cancer,” explains doctors.

The risks of wearing an inappropriate bra

Wearing an inappropriate bra can affect your life more than you think. Size and shape do not only influence how you look, but it can also have serious repercussions. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a bra.

  • Headaches and back pain
  • Believe it or not, an inadequate bra can cause you headaches … literally. If too tight, it can cause tension in the shoulders and neck. They can soon turn into headaches. Why be in a situation where you do not know what caused a pain when you can eliminate the factors. Also, too large a size does not provide enough support. Breast weight, especially in the case of large breasts, can create a backlash compensation tension, felt like a pain.

  • Lose Breasts
  • According to a British study, an inappropriate size on the bra can cause lose breasts. Without the tension in the straps, the ligaments expand, which leads to the breasts being left. Make sure the bra provides enough support.

  • Skin injuries and unsightly appearances
  • If your bra is too large, you’ll probably be tightening it for a better lifting effect. The skin will be forced and you will have traces that are not sexy at all. Also, forced pressure can shine the back skin in a way that is not at all appealing.

    A similar thing can happen when choosing too small cups. The pressure of the cup generates another ridge on the breast that does not look good at all, nor is it a healthy deformation.

    In the opposite case, a large cup affects both aesthetically and physiologically: the uncomfortable position of the breast, especially during the movement. Returning to aesthetics … the inappropriate bra can reveal unwanted rounds.


    It sounds weird, but it’s true. A small or too tight bra is pressed on the ribs and on the upper stomach, causing pain and inhibiting gastric juice. The result can be very unpleasant.

    One over the other, it’s hard to be a woman, but health has priority. It is very important to adjust the size of your bra at every weight fluctuation and even at the delicate moments of the month.

    The connection between the bra and breast cancer

    Can breast cancer be caused by a too tight bra worn for several hours a day or even all day? There is a sensitive link between the female lingerie and the appearance of this disease.

    Breast cancer occurs most often in cells in milk ducts (invasive ductal carcinoma). Besides genetic factors or untreated nodules, which can turn from benign to malignant, the bra seems to contribute to the affection that many women suffer.

    A tight bra, which does not allow your breasts to breathe properly, places obstacles to the lymph drainage of the breasts, increasing the temperature in this area to the formation of small growths in the breast milk ducts. In the book “Dressed to kill” written by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, two confidence authors, is explained the negative impact of wearing a bra on a woman’s breasts.

    Therefore, women wearing a bra for 24 hours have a 3 to 4 times higher chance of developing breast cancer, according to a study of 4,370 women in Canada. Also, if you wear your bra only 12 hours instead of the whole day, your chances of getting cancer do not go away. True, they drop considerably, but not enough to forget the problem.

    Women wearing a bra very rarely have 1 to 168 chance of breast cancer, the authors say in the book mentioned above. Other

    Interesting Facts about Women and Breast Cancer Development:

    1. women with a better social condition have a higher chance of being affected by cancer, because of their job they have to wear a bra more often;
    2. small stature women who exercise daily without bra wear have zero chances to develop cancer due to intimate lingerie;
    3. Lymphatic circulation is very important for breast health. When breasts are not moving and staying tight in their brassiere, they get sick slowly and surely.


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