Big Breasts Or Small Breasts

Of course, there are many advantages to having big breasts: an attractive neckline and a plus of sex appeal never spoil. Women with small breasts dream of a more generous bust, but there are people who complain about big breasts. What do you say: big breasts are a blessing or a torture?

When you have very small breasts, you feel complex and do not know what to wear to look sexy.

But even when you have very big breasts, clothing can get big beats. Learn to overcome these problems and learn to dress properly according to your body shape.

Big breasts are attractive, appealing, but can also cause big headaches. Literally.

The weight of the breasts and the straps that press on the over-strained shoulders and neck, especially as women with large breasts tend to adopt a “cocoon” position to hide their defect. When neck muscles are tense, headaches may also occur.

Big breasts can also cause back or shoulder pain.

Big breasts are a torment: “They fall, they make you look fat and you become stressed”. Many women say that bigger breasts are an asset, but besides this, speaking from experience they are just a big headache.

Big breasts PROS made reference to sensuality and admiration of men around:

Anonymous: “Big boobs (as long as they are not huge) are a blessing in my opinion. All the girls dream of an attractive neckline, but not all of them live this dream.”

Maria: “When you have big breasts, it’s harder to find a proper bra, is harder to do sports, but the admiration you get automatically makes you forget about these issues, and by the way, if you have big breasts, you do not necessarily have to be fat. For those who do not know, it’s a hereditary thing, and when the breasts are bigger, you automatically become a woman with shapes, so a beautiful woman! “

Boo: “Girls, it’s a TORTURE! Often I want to surprise my boyfriend with sexy lingerie, but the bra is a problem !!! Magda: “I’d like to have bigger boobs … Better fit a blouse on you, you can wear any kind of dress you want, but if your breasts are small you have to be ok with the form of your body, and you can try different natural solutions for bigger .”

As for being a torture, the arguments were numerous:

Alina: “Torture :) you can not sleep on your belly :D”

Boo: “Girls, it’s a TORTURE! Often I want to surprise my boyfriend with sexy lingerie, but the bra is a problem !!! Only the little ones are cute, I rarely find big sizes! They fall down quickly, I can’t understand the torment of girls with a small chest, smaller breasts are a lot cuter, and much more sexy! “

Diana: “A torture, they fall down quickly and you become stressed, in my opinion, smaller breasts remain firm longer and not give you the feeling that you’re fat as big breasts do.”

Cora: “If you want to be a sexual accessory then big breasts are a blessing, but if you want to be taken seriously, it is often a torture! And if we refer to the back pain and the traces left by the bra … or to the shirts who “insist” to crack and crack in the bust area … TORTURE! Let’s not talk about what a mother with big breasts is, who still breastfeeds !!!!! Personally, I will opt in the near future to a shrinking operation … a C or D cup seems ideal, not too big or too small … “

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what shape breasts do i have

What Shape Breasts Do Guys Like

In the past, in Spain, people developed a culture if we can tell it, namely the divination, which involved the discovery of a woman’s personality by analyzing the shape of her breasts.

There is the possibility that the divination’s discovery will be made by men, and this would lead us to women thinking that this divination would be but a great excuse to analyze our breasts without being censored.

But still they are people who believe in divination, I think through the shape of the breasts they can learn more about the character of the woman.

Tell me the shape of your breasts to tell you who you are

Even if divination seems more superstitious, let’s see what types of breasts exist and what is said about women who have these formsHere’s how the shape and size of the breasts can affect your personality:

If we have small, firm and round breasts: these women who hold this type of breasts are very beautiful and are said to be smart women but do not want to invest in a career and are more focused on setting up a family.

If we have big and round breasts: these women who hold this type of breasts are having problems achieving orgasms, they are very sexually open and always want to try new things.

If we have breasts in shaped of Pears: these women who hold this type of breasts are dominant in relationships and they are very independent and a healthy sexual appetite, and are very good at bed.

If we have Triangular breasts: These girls are said to be very open minds to seduce any man if they propose. Sometimes, they seem to do everything without making a considerable effort and receive what they want very fast.

If we have Tubular breasts: This type of women loves to dominate in a relationship and enjoy every moment of life. This type of breasts is not seen very often, the woman holding this type of breasts will leave a deep fingerprint on the person she conquers.

If we have breasts with high nipples: This type of breasts describe women who are very strong, creative in bed and have open spirits that attract all the people around. Generally, they are a very gentle woman.

If we have breasts with small nipples: there are not many women who have this type of breasts but these women are called to be very intelligent and hard-cheated women in a relationship.

They analyze very much, engage much harder and do not leave their partner unsatisfied, are very open to fulfilling the proposed fantasies.

The shape of the breasts may indicate certain personality traits of a woman. We are sure that men not only agree with this theory but feel and be forced to test it in as many cases!

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perfect breast

Perfect Breast

Regardless of size and shape, breasts have been and will always be a reason for pride or frustration for women, and a constant interest for hard sex representatives. And because the plastic surgery industry is becoming more flourishing and more women are aspiring to the ideal breast shape, the researchers wanted to find out what perfect breasts look like from the perspective of both sexes.

Find out how breasts look perfect in the eyes of women and men!

Perfect breast formula

British researchers have made a study where they find out how perfect breasts look better taking into account the opinions of both sexes.

They questioned 1,315 people, they had to look at breast pictures and pick the proportions they liked the most. Following the research, a percentage winning ratio was obtained: 45:55, that is, 45% breast tissue above the nipple and more with 10% below it. It looks like this is the natural shape and, surprisingly or not, it is the most attractive for people.

In past years, plastic surgeons used round, unnatural implants, you do remember the girls from Baywatch, many women have the sigh of such “features”. This type of implants is not that used any more now. Even though there are men who love big breasts and sometimes even vulgar, the general tendency is to appreciate naturalness.

How does a perfect breast look like?

Breast augmentation is definitely the biggest invention in plastic surgery. Although rhinoplasty surgery is less obvious and wrinkle correction is also a rather subtle intervention, breast augmentation will have visible results. In fact, the more visible they are, the better.

In women’s opinions.

Demand for silicones has increased since 2002 to 275%. Most women want bigger breasts and are willing to do anything for this.

But what are the men’s opinions about artificial breasts?

A recent poll conducted by UK magazine Heat shows that 89% of respondents prefer a pair of smaller breasts, but natural, rather than large breasts and artificial.

Additionally, before giving a navy to the doors of plastic surgeries, women still need to know that 87% of males do not necessarily run after big breasts but prefer the size in perfect harmony with the rest of the body.

So they can be small. And this is not all! The men who thought in the magazine recalled how perfect breasts should be shown fascinated by the texture, symmetry, shape, and sensation of touching natural breasts.

Before you look into the mirror remember that this breasts when they are natural, they are even sexier. So leave like that do not complex yourself and enjoy how nature has endowed you, for self-safety is the most appealing accessory!

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How To Lift Breast Naturally At Home

Breasts are the essence of femininity, but also a permanent concern for their appearance.
Although they are fast and fashionable, breast augmentation surgery is expensive and have many risks. So the handiest to have a toned and generous bust remain natural methods.

How to Make Breasts Firm and Lifted Naturally

No matter what method you choose to grow your breasts, it must be accompanied by a healthy diet. You have to give up products of animal origin, reduce carbohydrate consumption and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible.


Several foods are recognized for their breastfeeding benefits such as dill, black olives and extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ and wheat germ oil, soy, celery leaves, walnuts, peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds, all raw.


Also, the sport is very important, you can do the next exercise at home, which is extremely simple to do: with your elbows bent, hold your hands on the bust, then stretches your arms sideways, pulling slightly back to pull your chest forward.

We can also enlarge our breasts with vertical flotation. These vertical flotations are very well suited for breast enlargement naturally. Vertical flotation is done on the wall, as follows: Hold your hands apart from the wall, your elbows away from the body, in a position slightly oblique to the wall. Repeat every 10 flotations for 15 minutes a day.

This technique will cause the muscular tissue of the chest to develop, the entire area will be much better vascularized and thus the breasts will grow.


Dill oil is the natural method promoted the growth of breasts. Massage your breasts daily for 10 minutes with dill oil with slow and circular movements to stimulate blood circulation. Within two to three months, the results will be seen, but for faster results, you can also take a teaspoon of dill tincture three times a day before eating.


Besides the fact that the personal breast massage can help detect the lymph nodes, it is also very important for the natural growth of the breasts. By specifically massaging the base of the breasts, the tissues inside them will be better vascularized and the breasts will increase if this technique is used at least 3 times a week.


Coffee is very useful in toning breasts. Mix three tablespoons of coffee with a teaspoon full of honey, which is a powerful antioxidant and massage your breasts with this paste. Leave to act for 20 minutes, then remove with cold water.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has properties that help to strengthen and tone your breasts. It is recommended to massage your Aloe Vera Gels every evening or prepare a mask of a spoonful of aloe vera gel, one tablespoon of cold milk and one tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your breasts and let it work for 20 minutes, then remove with cold water.

Back Position

The position of the back is essential if you want your breasts to look even sexier and more voluminous; keep right column, shoulders pulled back and abdomen tense, to give your breasts the support they need.


In order to reproduce and maintain breast health, the best method is the Scottish shower in which alternate rapid passages from cold sores and vice versa through circular movements.

Applying natural ingredients may seem easy, but is dirty and difficult to apply. At the moment there are many creams on the market that are made by companies specially set up to create a simple product to use and apply for breast enhancement.

On this site, you will find the reviews of such creams, how you can use them and where to order them, and buy at promotional prices.

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non surgical methods to increase the breasts size

Non-Surgical Methods To Increase The Breast Size

As with any medical problem, there is a time when people tend to resort to natural methods of solving breast size problem, eliminating the possibility of using foreign objects (implants) and chemicals.

Breast augmentation naturally actually means breast tissue growth, especially through hormonal treatments or hormone stimulation and soft tissue growth techniques, as well as muscle tissue strengthening.

Results require time and patience on the part of the user, because hormonal stimulation or muscular stimulation are natural processes that progress gradually and require persistence and strict adherence to some application instructions.

The Non-Surgical Methods are:

  1. Pills for breast growth
  2. The “natural” nature of these pills is often questioned by consumers. Pills may contain different substances that may cause side effects. But there are also 100 % natural herbal blends in the marketplace, which cause a hormonal change in our body, a reaction similar to that of puberty due to plants that provide the amount of estrogen required by the body.
    These pills have no hormones but only plants that stimulate estrogen production.

  3. Breast enhancement creams
  4. These creams have in their composition essential herbal plants and oils, natural ingredients that help the soft tissue of the breasts. These creams do not contain hormones, they are moisturizing, emollient and offer a firm and smooth look to your breasts.

    Creams are applied with massage, slow massage applied to the breast helps the cream to penetrate into the skin, vascularize the cells and to provide nutrient to the breast tissue.

    These creams, due to their composition, improve blood circulation, helps increase the level of estrogen in our body, reduce fatigue and lead to firmer and better proportions of the breasts.


  5. Nutrition: diet with phytoestrogens and antioxidants
  6. Healthy eating can cause breast enlargement. Foods containing phytoestrogens lead to breast enlargement without affecting their firmness. These foods are black olives, virgin olive oil, soybean, wheat germ, wheat germ oil, dill seed, celery leaves, walnut, uncooked hazelnuts, flower seeds the unspoiled sun.

    Foods that are containing antioxidants prevent the appearance of breast cancer, these are fish, uncooked walnuts, fruits and vegetables, dill and grains.

    For a visible effect, these foods should be consumed regularly for at least 6 months.

  7. Hormone Stimulating Plants
  8. These plants can be found in the natural pharmacies: dairy seeds, sweet root, fluorescent basil, pineapple seeds (for consumption, grind and swallowed with water), fennel, sweet cumin and palm extract.

    These products can be used for breast augmentation, they are recognized as phytoestrogens, which have the same composition and function as estrogen.

    All of these listed plants can be consumed as such or as pastilles, lotions, creams.


  9. Yoga Exercises
  10. Yoga contains a series of exercises designed to relax both the body and the mind creating a well-being, this well-being improves the hormonal activity, and along with exercises to stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, a bigger appearance of the bust will be achieved.

  11. Electrostimulation
  12. Transcutaneous electrostimulation leads to an increase in muscle mass and activates blood circulation locally.


Breast Augmentation Methods That Works

We all want to have a generous bust, but not all of us have been endowed from Mother -Nature. If you do not want to use the scalpel, there are some ways to enlarge your breasts.

According to, the breasts represent the part of the body that women are most unhappy, which is why, once their artificial growth has become possible, women have been exposed to all risks only for larger forms.

If you are afraid of surgery or you do not want to risk an eventual complication in silicone breast augmentation, you can have a dream bust in other ways.

Here are some simple ways:

  1. Papaya drink

  2. Studies have shown that there is a natural way that you can naturally grow your breasts through a drink based on papaya juice and milk. The nutrients and vitamins in this drink stimulate breast enlargement. It is important to drink a glass of this drink daily. Equally effective is papaya pulp if you eat one fruit per day.

  3. Exercises

  4. There are some types of exercises you can do to stimulate breast augmentation. The pectoral muscle is like any other muscle and can be developed through sustained exercises. So, join a gym and find out which are the most recommended exercises.

  5. Proteins

  6. Consuming high protein foods is another way to naturally grow breasts. Enter in your daily menu egg, milk, peanut butter, fish, chicken and as many nuts and seeds. Cancel instead to sodas, sugar, semi-processed foods and eating fast food. Obviously, the main factor in breast growth is a healthy meal. If your body produces more male than female hormones, there are poor chances for breast growth.
    Drink 2 liters of water a day and the changes will appear.

  7. Massage

  8. Massage is one of the simple methods of breast augmentation, which you can apply every night, even in your home. Research has shown that massage improves blood circulation in the chest area and so breasts can increase.
    The simplest and best-known way to grow your breasts is to massage them. You can apply a cream to encourage the growth of fat cells. Massage is simple: rub your hands until you feel them warm and then start massage carefully from top to bottom to strengthen and lift your breasts. Do this exercise twice a day for 30 days.

  9. Supplements with estrogen

These are found especially in contraceptive pills. Estrogen is one of the hormones that helps natural breast enlargement. However, too much estrogen in the body is dangerous because it can unbalance the entire hormonal system and, implicitly, affect the functioning of the body. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a specialist before attempting this method.


Massage For Breast Enlargement

How To Do Your Chi Massage For Breast Enlargement

Why breast massage is good! Massage will help us in having bigger and firmer breasts. How?! Well, we are massaging our breasts, two things happends.

  • INCREASE CIRCULATION– increased blood circulation leads to more oestrogen, the oestrogen leads to bigger breasts.
  • Also, massage is good because by increasing circulation we help nutrients and oxygen reach to our breasts. Breast massage stimulates the release of hormones by the way we touch, growth hormones.

  • PROLACTIN SECRETION. Prolactin is the hormone that is released when our breasts or nipples are touched and this leads to bigger breasts.

There are many massage techniques on the internet, the most public and efficient massage for breast increase is CHI BREAST technique. This type of massage does wonders because it does two things massage and shiatsu.

Massage it’s good to increase circulation and increase prolactin flow and acupressure it’s good because it helps us with the flow of chi (or energy) around our breast. If you want good results you have to this massage 1-2 per day and 360 inward rotation. You have to place your hands over your breasts.

Also, you have to extend the fingers out and use some pressure. The points where you are applying the pressure represent the CHI points. Then you begin moving the chest in circular rotation inward to each other like you are trying to make a cleavage. A full rotation means that you are moving the chest down and out (away from each other) then repeat.

You can do your massage while showering use soap or oil to help your hands glide smoothly over the breasts, but studies show that if you want to get the most out of your massage it’s best to use a cream or gel. Many breast enlargement supplements include a breast cream or gel with their pills.

If you look over the internet you will not be able to find any cases where someone experienced breast growth as a result of just massaging without any cream, so if you are looking for bigger breasts you will need to add a cream to your massage routine.

You can massage your breasts in 5 minutes, whether you are taking pills, using creams, massage will help to boost any breast enlargement program.

Breast massage is important to do in our routine, but remember that is not indicated to do a massage without anything, it can be uncomfortable and it’s not good for the skin.


TIPS to get the most out of your breast massage


  1. Before you start the Chi Breast Massage or any other massage you have to clear your lymph, to do that you have to do 10 rotation outward (like in the Chi massage but you will rotate outward instead of inward) to clear lymph. This is helping your body to move all the toxins from your breasts.
  2. Add heat. When you add heat to your massage the pores will open for maximum absorption, the prolactin production will increase, the blood flow to your breasts will improve. You can easily burn yourself, so use low heat, no more than 110-115 degrees.
  3. Massage twice per day one in the morning and one in the evening. We know that it’s hard but try to get at least one- it’s better than nothing!
  4. Source:


Breast Massage

Although we take care of our body so much, we often do not pay enough attention to breasts, although we should. Breast massage is an excellent way to improve blood circulation because it leads to a firmer skin and even a gentle enlargement. That is why it is important to massage our breasts. Breast massage techniques are the ritual beauty!

Breast massage is indicated not only for enlargement, but also for alleviating the various symptoms that all women face: tenderness, swelling, premenstrual pain, nodules, discomfort in breastfeeding, etc.

Here are some beneficial effects that breast massage can have:

  • Relieves the discomfort associated with menstruation;
  • Reduces the number of cysts and nodules;
  • Balances hormone levels;
  • Helps breast augmentation and tonifies;
  • Reduces lymphatic congestion;
  • Increases the firmness of the skin and rejuvenates it;
  • Relaxes in depth and helps eliminate tension in the body;
  • Helping to familiarize with your own body
  • Stimulates healing.


Breast tissue has specific needs because it is closely related to the lymphatic system, whose proper functioning depends a lot on the circulation. Lifestyle, stress, too tight bras, incorrect posture, and genetic factors are factors that can lead to breast disorders. Read more about Naturaful here:

The main effect of massage is increased blood circulation, which also fluidizes lymph fluid from the breasts. At the same time, breast massage increases oxygenation of the tissue and cleanses it from impurities. Everywhere on the internet is recommended to use a moisturizing massage oil or a cream that will transform the ritual into a real treat. Besides massage, for an optimum result, they recommend doing a breast sports routine that will tone our muscles and make our bust firmer.

Breast massage can be great to prevent or relieve unpleasant symptoms, but that does not mean we have to neglect regular medical checkups.


How to do breast massage

Breast massage is more effective if we start with neighboring areas. We have to start by massaging the area under the ears, using both hands, and descending to the clavicle to stimulate circulation. We have to do this about 5 minutes, then we have to follow these steps:


  1. We have to massage the area where the lymphatic system joins the circulatory system in the space above the clavicle with the fingers we massage the line of the clavicle from the outside towards the center of the neck. Then repeat this movement 15 times.
  2. Raise the left arm above your head and, using your right hand, gently presses the skin from the substrate, making circular movements clockwise. Then repeat the movement 15 times.
  3. Massage your left breast with gentleness, holding a hand over it and moving it to the underarm and one under the breast, moving it in the opposite direction, then making the reverse movement and repeating this massage 15 times.
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 for the right and repeat step 1 when you finish the massage completely.


There is also the simple way to massage the breast through rotating movements, from the inside to the outside. To feel the effects and increase the volume of your breasts, we have to do if we can regularly massage every day.

Do not forget to use oil or lotion to hydrate the skin!

Breast massage is an excellent way to keep your breasts healthy and healthy, so you always look 20 years old!